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Systems to Prevent Damage From Ice Dams

Grip Clips for Heat Cable Installation$44.95
Pavement Mounted Snow & Ice Sensor SIT–6E$929.95
LCD-8 Ice Dam Prevention Sensor$469.95
CIT-1 Aerial Mounted Snow Sensor$419.95
GIT-1 Gutter Mounted Snow and Ice Sensor$419.95
Ice Dam Prevention Snow Switch GF-PRO$799.95
PyroSelf Indoor Remote Receiver$75.00
Pyro Remote Snow Sensor Remote$95.95
PyroSelf Mounting Bracket$76.95
Snow and Ice Melt Sensor-Controller Kit X$699.95
Snow and Ice Melt Sensor & Controller Kit$579.95
PYROSelf Snow and Ice Melting Sensor Controller$419.95
87-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$320.00 $219.95
37-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$210.00 $99.95
62-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$315.00 $159.95
112-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$580.00 $299.95
Heat Cable Roof Clips (10)$26.00 $14.95
Heat Cable Roof Clips (25)$49.00 $34.95
137-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$665.00 $369.95
Copper Slate & Cedar Roof Clips(quantity-discount: Individual Roof Clip)$17.50
Copper Slate & Cedar Roof Clips(quantity-discount: Box of 50)$775.00
Copper Slate & Cedar Roof Clips(quantity-discount: Box of 25)$412.50
150-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$599.00 $389.00
125-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$525.00 $349.95
Heat Cable Splice and T Kit$28.00 $19.95
Heat Cable End-Seal Kit$23.10 $11.95
Heat Cable Plug-in Conversion Kit with GFI$95.00 $59.95
Ice Dam Heat Cable Hard-Wired Connection Kit$54.00 $27.99
Thermo Cube® - Heat Cable Plug-in Thermostat$20.00 $16.95
Heat Cable Downspout Hangers$16.00 $12.95
Heat Cable Roof Clips (50)$95.00 $69.95
Ice Dam Heat Cable by-the-Foot(voltage: 240v)$3.25
Ice Dam Heat Cable by-the-Foot(voltage: 120v)$3.25
6-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$75.00 $37.95
12-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$90.00 $49.95
18-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$120.00 $64.95
24-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$145.00 $79.95
50-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$250.00 $129.95
75-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$350.00 $195.95
100-foot Ice Dam Heat Cable$450.00 $239.95

Ice Dam Removal, Ice Dam Prevention

Removing Ice Dams in Minnesota: We Serve Many Areas in the Minneapolis Metro

The Ice Dam company based out of Hopkins, Minnesota, about 5 miles west of Minneapolis. We've done gutter ice removal, roof ice removal and ice dam removal all over the Twin Cities, on new houses and old ones.

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